I am very proud to announce the debut from the newest member of the Young Hours family, Chase the Ghost, featuring Chris Sumner, R. T. Tompkins, and yours truly.

Catchy, beat-driven pop-rock, full of keyboards and crunchified guitars that will immediately imbed itself in your skull and refuse to leave. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it. Stay tuned for shows around the seacoast and beyond.

Download our free Demo(nstration of Concept) and let us know what you think! Hope to see you soon!
I used to listen to music all the time.

All the time.

It started with my parents' vinyl collection. I would turn the speakers towards each other and sit in the middle. The Beatles. Elton John. Many more that I've long since forgotten. I loved sitting between those speakers, getting that pure stereo vinyl sound.

Later, I got a cd player and headphones. Also, a minidisk player? I think I still have it somewhere... I would always be plugged in on long car rides. I would always have headphones on while doing my homework. This was the era of *coughNapstercough*, and even on my very slow home dial-up connection, a whole new world of music was open to me.

I didn't discover radio worth listening to until I got my first car, a '93 Ford Thunderbird. That's about the time I started listening to the now defunct WFNX, a station which shaped many of my listening choices at the time.

During college and after, I slowly stopped really listening to music. Listening. Over and over to songs I loved, memorizing every detail. Somewhere along the road, that stopped.

Maybe I don't have the time for that kind of focus anymore. It's sad, because to truly learn about it, you have to listen. Listen close, listen carefully. Hear every detail, then step back to get the whole picture.

I'm sure my hearing won't love the headphones I bought myself a few months ago, but now I'm trying to put aside time to sit and listen. It's amazing what you hear when you listen close. The sounds become more real, almost tangible. A whole new world opens.

Take the time to listen.
The RPM Challenge is over, and as promised, I have a bunch of new sounds for you.

First up, a new solo piano album, Stepping Stone. Six tracks of brand new piano music, available for just $4!

Also, new KLARMP, We Mourn the Loss of Rock and Roll. Featuring keyboards and other noisy things. If you're craving a winterstar fix, this will help get you through it. Eight tracks for only $4!

Both albums are released on Young Hours Records, and are free to stream!

Have a listen, and I hope you like what you hear!

It seems like every year, after the craziness of the holidays, my mind starts turning back to music in a big way. A big part of this is probably anticipating the RPM Challenge in February. I’ve participated for the last seven years, so I think my brain has become wired to make music this time of year.

There’s something about the short cold days and the long dark nights that make me want to spend all available time huddled up in my studio with my keyboards, guitars, and other noisy toys.

The RPM Challenge is now right around the corner. For the first time in eight years, I’m not sure how excited I am about it.

My partner in music crime has expressed disinterest. I completely understand this. We’ve used the Challenge to test and hone our skills, skills that can maybe only grow so much in this context. It’s looking like he’ll be in the middle of a move back to the seacoast during this time as well, leaving little time for collaboration.

So maybe I’m not as excited as usual.

But I do still love the limitation of a deadline.

It's been fun to use the month of February to explore new things just to see if I can make them work. I've explored new genres and reawakened my passion for composition. Every year I've learned something new about recording, the process of creating music, and myself.

When February rolls around, I do expect to dive into four weeks of intensive creativity. I know I have the skill to create (or co-create) four albums worth of material in a month. Maybe it’s time to cut back. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Merge my myriad schizophrenic musical moods into one or two projects that get all of my attention. Create something new and beautiful. Hopefully I will still have the opportunity to work with many of the friends I’ve made music with these last several years.

No matter what, 2013 is going to be an exciting time for new music, and I can’t wait to share it will you.

The debut record from Famous Ladies has finally been released into the wild, and I am so excited for everyone to hear it. This project would not have been possible without my three incredibly talented band mates, Chris Sumner, I.R. Jones, and Andrew Cote. Also, special thanks to Tucker Cummings and RT for helping to keep me sane during this process.

If you enjoy the rock music, have a listen here, or head over to our shiny new Bandcamp page to pick up all 8 tracks for just 4 bucks!

I've wanted to be in a rock band ever since the first time I picked up an electric guitar. Actually, at the time I just wanted to be in Weezer, but you get the idea. Rock music is a huge part of my life. I go to see the bands that I love as often as I can afford to, and I record and play with friends of mine whenever they're around.

There were a few rock projects I was a part of through high school and college, but as people grow up, priorities change. Most of the people I grew up playing music with are living all around the country now.

A few years ago I decided to try my had at writing some rock tunes by myself for the 2008 RPM Challenge under the name This is Steve. They were mostly awful, with drum loops instead of a real drummer, and terrible lyrics penned and sung by yours truly. That's when I figured out I'm not a good singer or songwriter. I tried it again the next year with a slightly better result (and real drums), but it was becoming clear that while I could write some sweet guitar and bass riffs, lyrics would remain elusive.

I gave the rock game up for a year, focusing more on other projects, but it didn't take long for that rock itch to come back to life. This time, I wanted to try something different. I wrangled some friends together, figured out when and how we would record, and started to let the tape roll. Famous Ladies was born, out of Chris Sumner (lyrics and vocals) and I in New Hampshire, Ian Jones (guitar) in Massachusetts, and Andrew Cote (drums) in Michigan. I am very lucky to be friends with these three people who are extraordinarily good at what they do. We recorded 9 tracks for RPM last February, with ample help from Dropbox, and since then, I've been working on polishing them up.

I think when you're any type of artist it's hard to be 100% happy with your finished product. I could probably go on remixing and tweaking for another year, but eventually you just have to let it get out there into the world for people to hear. I'm insanely proud of the guys who helped put this together. I think we did some really great work. Eight of the nine tracks we originally recorded are set to be released on September 4th. I hope you will enjoy listening to these songs as much as I've enjoyed working on them!

This past Friday night (and well in to Saturday morning), I had an amazing time sitting down with some incredible people and making some awesome art. This was part of the Fo(u)r Hands project, started by Andrew Cote and I about a year ago. Whenever he is in the area, we try to pick a night to write ten tracks worth of improvised solo piano material, switching back and forth and bouncing off one another. This time, we decided to do things a little differently.

We invited two amazing writers, Tucker Cummings, and Cindal Lee Heart, to join us, with the idea that as Andrew and I played, they would switch off writing chapters of a short story. We also invited a few bottles of wine. The results of this experiment are thoughtful, touching, and sometimes hilarious. We had a great time putting this together, and we hope you enjoy. The parts are meant to be listened to and read together.

Listen here:
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I'm very excited to announce the release of a new album from winterstar, called Wake Up Dead. It was created as a soundtrack for a fake horror movie, so it is suitably dark. Have a listen here, and grab yourself a copy over at winterstar.bandcamp.com!
For a while now, I've been concerned about the fact that all of my different projects are scattered around the interwebs with nothing really holding them together. With this website, I can now share everything under one roof. Thanks for taking the time to read this and look around. If you like what you hear, throw a dollar or two at me.

For those who don't know who I am, I am a musician and composer living in the New Hampshire seacoast area. I write in many different styles, ranging from contemporary classical to rock and roll. I record all of my music in my home studio.

I am always looking for new and interesting projects and collaborations (especially multimedia collaborations), so if you want to work with me, drop me a line!